Happy 2009 in Montreal!

A co-worker of mine developed a page for NYE 2009. In french, we call it "Jour de l'an". Just tried it and here is the code I'm supposed to put in my blog to see what partys I may be attending...

Liste des partys du jour de l'an de Maxime

You are from Montreal, you speak french (or understand it at least) and you have a blog or Facebook ?!? Make sure your friends know your party list for NYE with Happy 2009 brought by NIGHTLIFE Magazine.

In french : Suivez le lien suivant pour choisir votre Party du jour de l'an 2009.


First post

Wow, the first post is done and the blog is now launched. I gotta find my first *real* topic and start blogging about it. Stay tuned... I'll deliver!!